Introduction to genetics

A course that covers the fundamentals in genetic analysis

Brought to you by our Chief Scientist, Manuel Corpas, and the rest of the team at Cambridge Precision Medicine, Introduction to Genetics is a 5 part crash course designed to help you navigate the field of genetic screening, from acquiring a critical understanding of the science that underpins the analysis to how to apply it in different areas of patient care, from disease prevention to wellness management.  

This course will teach you about:

  • The value precision medicine brings to the healthcare industry
  • Different types of genetic tests available and what that means for you 
  • Different types of genetic screening (arrays, exomes and whole genome)
  • How genetic screening can be applied in different areas from disease prevention and pharmacogenomics to lifestyle and wellbeing 
  • The important elements of informed consent  
  • The key aspects of privacy when working with DNA 
  • How providing genetic screening to your patients will enable you to deliver the most innovative wellness management

You will also gain

  • A certificate for complementation of the course 
  • A curated list of recommended papers to read to understand the science behind genetics and how best to use it 
  • A brochure that will help you explain genetic screening to your patients 
  • Access to a community of likeminded individuals

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More than 25 million genetic tests have been sold worldwide

Learning about genetic sequencing, analysis and interpretation has never been so important

  • Be at the forefront of the industry

    The genetics of precision medicine is at the cutting edge of innovation in preventative healthcare. Genetic analysis is a powerful tool to manage disease risk and to help people understand how to live a better and more informed life.

  • Personalised healthcare for your patients

    Genetic screening and analysis has many applications, from wellness management to disease prevention. These courses are designed to help you understand the different information available and how best to apply it.

  • Understand the field of genetics

    There are many products that provide genetic screening and analysis, but which is the best solution for you and your practise? Learn about the different types of genetic analysis available and how to identify which will provide you with the solution that you need.


Manuel Corpas

Chief Scientist

Dr. Corpas is an experienced researcher and trainer. Since 2017, he has been Chief Scientific Officer of Cambridge Precision Medicine Limited, a company focused on helping make genetics more accessible. Among his current activities, he is a tutor at the Institute of Continuing Education at the University of Cambridge as well as being Course Director Clinical Genetics and Personalised Medicine, Universidad Internacional de La Rioja (UNIR), Madrid, Spain. He is also Software Sustainability Institute Fellow, UK and a member of the Scientific programme committee of Wellcome Genome Campus Conference on Personal Genomics, Cambridge, UK. Dr. Corpas is a prolific author and speaker, currently with ~50 authored scientific publications and the acclaimed ‘Perfect DNA’ book; a speculative futuristic novel exploring the ethical and social implications of personal genetic testing in society. His upcoming projects include the editorial of a topic on personal genomics in the Frontiers in Genetics journal.

Edmund Lehmann

Chief Executive

Ed has been Chief Executive of Cambridge Precision Medicine Limited since 2018, and is also the main investor in the company, facilitated by his fund, Provenca Capital. Ed’s passion for precision medicine, and genetics in particular, stems from a belief that more targeted healthcare can significantly improve outcomes, as well as reducing healthcare costs in the long run, providing a double benefit to society. Ed is a co-author of several upcoming publications which focus on the application of precision medicine in the context of wellness and disease prevention; he plays a leading role in the development of methodologies around data science and big data analysis which have become central to the deployment of genetics for the benefit of individuals. Outside work, Ed is Chairman of the board of ReachOut, a mentoring charity helping to improve the lives of disadvantaged young people in inner cities in London, Manchester, Liverpool and Oldham. He is also an active supporter of the Roundhouse Trust. Ed holds the bilingual Masters in Business Administration from IESE Business School in Spain.

Beatriz Marques

Head of Business Development

Bea joined the Cambridge Precision Medicine team in 2020, having built up extensive experience in project management, marketing and communications. Bea was born in Portugal, raised in the UK and has worked in Sao Paulo, Barcelona and London, shaping her into a creative and innovative professional. Bea’s passion for genetics, and personalised healthcare more generally, comes from a belief that being informed is being empowered. She sees the emerging trend towards individualisation taking place in the world at large, and believes that the application of personalisation in the healthcare sector can facilitate individuals taking charge of their health and wellness, in partnership with their clinician. She holds a first-class degree in International Relations and a Master’s in Marketing Management. Her passion for communication translates into helping organisations navigate through growth and create meaningful relationships with their customers. Bea is an optimist with the attitude that a problem is in-fact a solution waiting to be found.

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